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Human performance institute | Durban , Kwazulu Natal

Discovery Vitality launches the Vitality Elite Fitness Assessment

Training for months

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Questions & Answers

Human performance institute | Durban , Kwazulu Natal

Q: Every winter I get the flu vaccine but I still manage to get sick, do they actually work?

A: The flu vaccine is developed each year to protect against the three most dangerous flu strains that are predicted for that year. Generally the vaccine is meant for elderly and those with weakened immune systems who may not recover form these virulent strains of flu. It does not protect you against the thousands of other flu strains doing the rounds, so you may still get the sniffles despite having the jab, but it should protect you against the real nasty strains. Remember the viruses are transmitted by contact with an infected person so avoid crowded places with poor ventilation. Wash you hands regularly, and no, the gratuitous three finger dip under the running tap after taking a leak does not count!

Q: Where can I find Prime HP?

A: Prime is based at the World Class Moses Mabhida Staduim in Durban Kwazulu Natal.

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